Inflatable annexes to suit camper trailers, caravans and offroad vehicles

Orbit® Air Inflatable Caravan Annexes

Smart campers and caravanners want hassle-free accessories so they can focus on enjoying their traveling adventures.

Orbit Air - Inflatable Annexes for caravans and camper trailers will change your camping set-up for the better.

It's time to upgrade your caravan annexe

Camping should be about relaxing and enjoying yourself, not spending precious time erecting old-fashioned pole-and-canvas annexes. Create the much needed personal space for living or storing your gear quickly, simply and easily.

The Orbit® Air Beam Technology makes erecting your annexe a breeze – it’s so quick and easy to fit, you won’t believe how soon you’ll be all set up and enjoying yourself.

TOP 10 Advantages of the Orbit® Air Annexe

Compared to annexes with poles, the inflatable annexes are much simpler and easier to use.

1. Super-fast Pitching

Just couple of minutes to put up and take down! The speed of set-up makes Orbit Air Annexes super convenient and family-friendly.

2. Durability

The main structure of the Orbit Air Annexe uses inflatable air beams, which pulls the annexe taut, making it strong and sturdy.

Air beams flex with the wind, eliminating breaking or bending poles by accident, or in extreme weather conditions.

3. Lightweight

With no bulky metal poles in the structure, the overall weight is easier to manage. The absence of poles reduces the weight in your rig, so you don’t have to worry about your caravan being overweight.

4. Compact

Less bulky and more compact, Orbit Air Annexes take up a little space when packed away, so they only take a small storage area during transport and it’s easier to pack them.

5. Spacious

Orbit Air Annexes provide much needed room for everything you need, because space is at a premium in a caravan!

6. Simple Assembly

The Orbit Air Annexe simply hooks up onto your trailer. Pump it up, peg it out and gain instant outdoor living or storage space.

7. Stable Structure

The Orbit Air Beams pull the tent walls taut, making the Annexe much more stable comparing to traditional annexes with poles. The Air Beams are also great at reducing noise made by wind or rain.

8. Affordable

The Orbit Air Annexe range is reasonably priced. Don’t get ripped off with an old-fashioned annexes.

9. Designed & Tested in Australia

Orbit Air Annexes have been designed using innovative, yet proven technologies to create a more enjoyable camping and caravanning experience in Australian outdoors.

10. Easy to Repair

With the Orbit Air Annexes it is easy to make a quick repair using the repair kit that comes with the equipment if required.