Inflatable annexes to suit camper trailers, caravans and offroad vehicles

Annexes for Australian Conditions

Orbit Air Annexes are designed and manufactured using innovative, yet proven technologies to create a more enjoyable camping experience and to make camping accessible to everyone.

Challenges for Today’s Caravanners

While annexes and awnings add much-appreciated extra space, they aren’t hassle-free. When choosing the annexe, make sure it is suitable for the Australian conditions.

Aussies know that sunburn happens faster than you realize, weather and wind can get extreme, and you have to be aware of possible unwanted hosts living in the local outdoors.

Furthermore, the set-up of traditional awnings involves connecting as many as 15-30 poles and can take as much as two hours. Then, there’s the infamous ‘missing pole’ that got bent or lost on the last trip and was never replaced, so the annexe can’t be set up. All of which makes an unpleasant trip…

It’s All About Convenience and Comfort

Camping and caravanning should be about relaxation - smart caravanners want hassle-free accessories. Use the best in annexe accessories that are: easy to set up, take up little space, and will provide you with long-lasting enjoyment and protection whether you’re on a weekend trip or a long expedition.

7 Factors in Choosing an Air Annexe

Top 7 factors every camper and caravanner need to look for when selecting the right annexe for the most enjoyable outdoor experience:

  1. Uses air beam technology and is specifically designed and tested to withstand Australian harsh weather conditions.
  2. Reduces weight and occupies a small storage area, freeing up space for more important things.
  3. Is made from materials designed to withstand the challenging Australian climate.
  4. Offers superior UV protection.
  5. Is designed to keep out insects and other social undesirables.
  6. Is super easy to install and repair.
  7. Is designed for excellent cooling and ventilation.

From the makers of the world's first inflatable camper trailer - The Air OPUS. Purple Line have taken their Multi-Award winning innovation and technology to produce a great range of affordable air annexes built tough for the Australian outdoors.